Custodians of two National Monuments

Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve is a relatively small reserve located inside the  Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, measuring only 204 hectares. It is one of the 5 nature reserves that make up the Boland Mountain Complex within the Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site.

It is found next to the Eerste River and 9km from Stellenbosch. The Eerste River forms the northern boundary and the Stellenbosch Mountain forms the southern boundary. Mountain biking is not permitted in this reserve that basically offers only hiking and and scenic walks and also access to the 2 National Monuments. The landscape is of exceptional splendour and more than compensates for the limited activities. Visitors can be assured of a quiet scenic walk as nature intended.


The reserve’s conservation tasks include controlling the Hakea and any other foreign plant that can pose a threat to the fynbos.

  • Fynbos - The plant life of this reserve consists mainly of fynbos
  • Oak Trees - have been allowed to remain due to their unique historical value
  • Over 1000 species can be found across the two reserves
  • Riparian vegetation - can be found along the banks of the Eerste River


The reserve is also home to several snakes and visitors are advised to be alert.


  • Berg Adder
  • Boomslang
  • Cape Cobra
  • Puff Adder

Larger Animals 

  • Baboons
  • Black Eagle
  • Honey Badger
  • Klipspringer
  • Leopard
  • Mongoose


  • Hiking route - 3km
  • Hiking route – 5.5 km
  • National Monuments


  • Parking
  • Picnic Area
  • Braai (Barbecue) areas
  • Toilet facilities


When Simon van der Stel gave a few freeholds to white settlers in 1692 the Jonkershoek valley was occupied for the first time. In 1790 the first homestead was built in Assegaaibosch and beautiful Oak Trees were planted by Wouter Eduard Wium, who owned the land in 1817. He was given the land by Lord Charles Somerset with the condition that he plants many Oak Trees. A trout hatchery was built next to the Assegaaibosch land. Over the years the farmstead deteriorated until the Cape Provincial Administration bought Assegaaibosch and renovated the house. The house has become a National Monument and has been turned into a guest house. The original hatchery is now also a National Monument and the property is used by Cape Nature as a conservation station.


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