Peregrine Café & Farm Stall in Elgin Valley

A whole eating experience

Choose your preferred seating, indoors, on the terrace or out in the garden.  Let the kids unwind outdoors in the playground area under your watchful eye while eating at one of the outside outlets. Whichever venue you choose you won’t be disappointed with the service or the food.  Peregrine is a welcome oasis on your trip in or out of Cape Town along the N2, approximately 28km east of Somerset West.

Children's playground

We tend to drive by

I had been along this stretch of road countless times on various excursions, and as happens to a lot of us, as you get the glimpse of the establishment, you think to yourself, I have to stop in and have a look someday. Well that day finally came.

Peregrine has been providing its services to families since the mid sixties and is today a sophisticated vendor of a variety of different services and products, usually related to traditional type farm stalls, but with an ambience of professionalism in its presentation which is truly refreshing to eye, as also to the taste buds.

Sit inside and savour the delicious cooking smells

Surprising Diversity

I was really surprised to find the extensive array of different food vendor kiosks ancillary to the main eating venue. Then there was a very special area providing fresh fruit and vegetables. Another area with a very impressive and extensive range of cold pressed juices and yet another with the most delicious looking cakes and homemade pies and breads of various constituents. On top of that there is a Nursery where one can purchase a few plants for the garden at the same time.

Outdoor seating at Evisons Cider

Can be more than just a stopover

This venue has stood the test of time and obviously grown in understanding of client needs, as I found it to be more than a stopover, it can truly be treated as a destination venue. The drive there is most relaxing amid the surrounding hills and because of the extent of diversity in the presentation and layout, just has to have something for everyone. A refreshing stop to a Sunday drive out to unwind for a few hours.

This venue will definitely be on my list as a destination venue, on those occasions that demand a change of scenery.

 Written by: Ivan

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