Love is in the air at Radloff Park

Making new friends

Everybody knows that if your feeling down or depressed, you need a good friend to cheer you up.

When the tedium of  faceless facist regimes have consumed your mind and you feel as if you are about to explode, you know you've reached that point where something has to be done, right now to release that tension.

Conversely, when you are feeling elated, filled with inner joy and contentment, this has to be shared with a good friend. That is what makes good friends unique. These are their attributes. They are there when you need them. They take you as you are, pick you up at whatever station you might be on and fill you with whatever you need at that moment in time.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a unique venue that specialises in making new friends. You are saying thats not unique, the world is filled with bars and clubs and the internet has dozens of sites that provide this opportunity. Sure, you are right, but this is truly different! 

Let me not hesitate to say, that's not everybody's cup of tea. You have to have a certain leaning to fit in. They don't serve tea for a start. Actually they don't serve liquor either. The food is just what you want and you can get a drink of whatever you would like to have - this is because you eat and drink whatever you have brought along yourself. 

Brave heart

It's not for the feint hearted. No, you have to be brave; fearless actually, because if you show signs of fear or weakness, you may be snarled at in a very unfriendly manner and you wont feel welcome, or worse.

The atmosphere at this venue changes like the weather. It can be warm and friendly, really beautiful. At another time it can be cold and damp, and it feels that the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Even then, depending upon your bent, it still is beautiful in a different kind of way.

So it's hard choosing the time to go. It is open 24 hours a day, but there are times you need to find, when you can meet the crowd. It's at its best when it's busy. These are short periods of time, really just a few hours a day. Oops almost forgot to mention, although its open at night, I would not recommend you go after dark. The crowd isn't there then.

Being appropriately dressed is key to enjoying yourself even more. You should be attired in old clothes or very casual wear that can get dirty without a problem.

So, if you've got all these critical factors together and you arrive at just the right time, you enter with the crowds. Some arrive on foot and others by car. There is no entry fee or bouncer, not even a doorman, so you just go in.

Getting to know you

Meeting and making friends is real easy. Just be yourself, but remember to be brave. Stroll in like you own the place. Take in the scents and sounds. Become part of the surroundings. Relax! There is no host or surcharge for the food and drink you brought along. Find a bench, sit down if you want, or if you would feel safer, keep walking around.

Make allowances for the different characters around you. You don't make the approach. These characters know your bent; it's as if they can sniff you out. So those attracted to you make their approach. You know you are most welcome immediately as most embrace you with love and smiles that are irresistible. In minutes, you are a part of a new, unique family of friends. 

By now you are getting the drift aren’t you. This is a really different place. Without further ado, let me spill the beans.

Radloff Park is a suburb in Somerset West, Western Cape, in Hillcrest Road. The venue is right at the bottom of the road where it runs into a dead end against the Lourensford River. It's a park. No roof, no food or drink, no service of any kind, in fact, there isn't even a toilet! It does, however, have exquisite views of the Hottentots Holland mountain range, especially at sunset on a clear calm day.

It is filled to the brim with peace and tranquility. The river, being for the most part a babbling brooke. At these times, there are pools to swim in, as you meander along the gently shaded footpath. Across the river is a wine estate and you glimpse the vineyard rising up against the manicured hills behind. Toward the end of the pathway it winds along a densely wooded area, where choosing the branch-off that hugs the river has you ducking under low slung tree-branches.

If you have covered the distance of the path, whatever your state of mind when you arrived, you will now be at peace. You will be filled with joy and your spirits will be raised by all the loving friends you have just made.

Best Friends

This is a resort for mans best friend, the dog.

I marvel at creation and in this environment you get an abundance of appreciation. In addition to the restful atmosphere, with views of the majestic Hottentots-Holland mountain range to uplift your spirits, there is the soothing, babbling brook that meanders through the east extremity of the park to add peace and tranquility to your soul.

The greatest of fulfilment for me however, is the abundance of love. Yes love is truly in the air at Radloff park. This love is reflected in the abundant k-nine species of every kind who frequent the park. Every shape and size, all tolerant and accepting of each other, brimming with happiness, that is so infectious to human beings, that in the majority of cases the owners reflect the same friendliness.

You don't need your own k-nine to participate. If you arrive at the right time of day this would be “ "walkies time”. Dressed in your casual clothes, and if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you are ready!

 As you stroll in the peace of this shady park you will be greeted by numerous loving, happy doggies. Oh.. and owners. But it's the doggies you can love and pet as they show off their ball and frisbee catching skills, others love swimming in the river and coming up all wet and muddy, to greet you with overwhelming love.

Peace, tolerance and love

Just watching them arrive in their owner's limousines is an experience. They know they have come to the social highlight of the day! Some bark out loud, to announce to all their arrival, whilst others are so overjoyed, the tail wags the dog in excitement. Owners are dragged down the path with a flurry an excitement that resembles a Chariot race. (the owners being the Chariots).

Whilst many of the dogs are un-leashed, one is inclined to shudder with fear that one of these big hounds is surely going to devour the little fluff ball you just met further down the path, but no, there is an amazing peace, tolerance and love is in the air!

Oh…. was is not that all humans should have this nature? How much we can learn from our best friends!     

Be brave, get your shot of "Love is in the air” - it can be a beneficial, life changing, attitude adjusting experience, that can be very infectious! Try it for yourself!

 Written by: Ivan

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