Helicopter view of an eatery called Pajamas & Jam

If it were not for the delicate aroma of delicious food that pervades the entrance, one would think you have just walked into a second hand dealer of note. Indeed you also have. Is this sounding a little confusing? The approach from the outside is just as misleading. Raised high on concrete pillars, high enough just to be seen from the N2 freeway, is a Veteran Sikorsky S62A that is the last one left in South Africa. In spite of incorrect insignia, which it received when it was destined to become a model in a museum, it is still interesting enough to the enquiring mind and one cant help wondering what all this is about.

This is but one of the intriguing experiences you are about to have.. this is Pajamas and Jam Eatery.

As different is the decor, being also an exceptionally exotic second hand shop, it is also an eatery, with a dynamic menu presenting a variation of techniques applied to the presentation of traditional dishes. Both the meal and pudding finale are extreme servings of high quality ingredients prepared with panache to tantalise the pallet.

More than a convenient place for business people to grab a bite to eat, being situate in an the heart of an industrial environment, it promises a lot more, as it is also a great place to meet a friend and enjoy jovial hospitality, good company and is socially relaxing with soothing music. As you examine the relics and artefacts of old, reminiscing of life long ago, and you recall the articles of old and not so old displayed on shelves, housed in the loft, scattered amid the tables, your mind can truly ponder and wander.

The building is an old warehouse, where no excuse is made for its architecture, but it does not end there. In addition, adjoining the eatery is a costume renting shop, big enough to hire out to the film industry.

This incongruous setting might sound bizarre, but it is actually just the opposite. This is an experience not be missed!

 Written by: Ivan

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