Glenwood is one of Durban's oldest suburbs, that extends from its colonial-style mansions near the university down to the lower-income Umbilo Road.

Glenwood was established to serve the picturesque port which it overlooks and it is therefore close to most of Durban's countless amenities and tourist attractions. Being close to Durban's southern industrial hub of Mobeni, Jacobs and Prospecton. Glenwood is a convenient retreat for visiting business executives.

Holidaymakers who prefer a quiet hideaway after enjoying Durban's exciting hotspots enjoy Glenwood and visiting academics favour Glenwood as the Howard College Campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal is situated there. Its Memorial Tower overlooking the city is Durban's most imposing manmade landmark. For art lovers, the galleries of the KZN Society of Arts with imaginative craft shop and Arts Café is a must.

Glenwood has entered an era of suburban revival mostly due to the hive of activity evident on Davenport, Bulwer and Ferguson Roads, where antique shops, the KZNSA Gallery, which includes a gallery that exhibits contemporary visual culture, a shop, a café, a training art programme, and various little shops, restaurants and cafés have attracted a loyal following. 

Whatever one's reasons for sojourning in Glenwood, there are many charming B+B's, guesthouses and self-catering lodges, several of them built in Victorian times. There are also many fashionable restaurants in the area, some providing live entertainment. 

It is no wonder then that this sedate suburb is fast becoming known as "trendy Glenwood".