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The Karel Landman House is located in the Glencoe Valley on the farm Uithoek, 9km from Glencoe on the R602 and dates back to just after the Battle of Ncome (Blood River) in 1838.

The Landman House is the oldest surviving pioneer house in Kwa-Zulu Natal and is an excellent example of Boer architecture.

Landman, a Boer Commandant in the Battle of Blood River and his son-in-law, Jan de Jager, passed through the area on the way to the battle and were attracted to it.

After the battle, in which Landman was second in command of the Boers, he settled on the farm 'Uithoek' and his daughter Susanna and de Jager settled on the adjoining farm 'Wasbank'.

The Landman family graveyard is also on the property.

Landman house is situated on private property and should only be viewed by prior arrangement with the owner. 

There is another monument to Landman's memory in the form of a globe at the place where he once farmed, off the R72 between the towns of Alexandria and Paterson in the Eastern Cape.

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