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Pathfinda is currently looking for Pathfinders to join our team of people promoting their region. Our goal is to provide quality information for travellers, helping them to plan their trip and also for residents, looking for local businesses. Who better than a local person to promote their region?

You might be the right person to partner with us!

  • Do you love your region, city or town and want to promote it?
  • Do you know your region, city or town better than anyone else?
  • Would you like to share your enthusiasm with others?

Get assigned to a geographical region that you will commit to promote, grow and maintain in exchange for commission on sales generated in the region!

Pathfinda provides its Pathfinders with a powerful platform to achieve these goals, this combined with your contribution, forms a fruitful mutual collaboration with rewards for both parties.

A geographical region will be assigned to you ranging from a suburb or multiple suburbs of a town to a full town, to even multiple towns, depending on the amount of time you can commit to spend on promoting your region.

Who are we looking for?

A Pathfinder would need the following to be successful:

  • Being passionate about the place you live.
  • Excellent communication skills, be able to contact businesses and explain what Pathfinda offers, by phone and email, in person etc.
  • Good proficiency in general in Internet related tasks, such as content sourcing, understanding SEO, etc.
  • Excellent copywriting skills, to be able to write content on Pathfinda.
  • Your own transportation.
  • Proficiency in photography (as well as your own camera).
  • Own telephone or mobile phone for contacting clients.
  • High speed internet, ADSL etc.

Interested? Lets Talk!

If you fulfill the above requirements and are interested in knowing more about becoming a Pathfinder please reach out to us so we can get acquainted.

Pathfinda, find it all!