Rooihoogte Pass

The Rooihoogte Pass on the R318 between Montagu and the N1 starts at an altitude of 867m. It climbs steadily over a distance of 6.7km to top out at a lofty 1240m above sea level, well above the snow line. 

Distance 7.6km
Gradient average 1:15
Gradient maximum 1:20
Summit 1240m
Surface Tar

There are no safety shoulders on this road. The road is narrow but in good condition.

Regardless of which direction you travel on the R318 you will traverse both the Rooihoogte and the Burgers Pass which are only a few kilometres apart; both of which were designed by master road engineer, Thomas Bain in 1877. 

The Koo Valley is one of South Africa’s major fruit producing areas. There are stunning views of the Koo Valley far below with a patchwork of green fruit farms. 

A concrete microwave tower marks the top of the pass. From the summit you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Mattroosberg in the distance. Approximately 25km after the top of the pass the R318 joins up with the N1 highway at the top of the Hex River Pass.

The scenery is typical Karoo landscape and the only trees you will find here are Australian Blue Gum trees which were planted by Mr Burger, a town councillor from the town of Montagu, after whom the Burger Pass was named.  

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