Ontdek Suid-Afrika
lug jou kop uit die sand

In 1856 President Brand warned the Boer farmers to take steps to protect themselves and their livestock from the marauding black tribes. 

Moshoeshoe, whose injured son had been nursed back to health by the Venter family, suggested that Venter build a laager in which to keep his family and belongings safe. He was prepared to help and commissioned two hundred of his followers to assist. Stone by stone the structure was built and was given the name Skanskraal. 

In 1834 several Voortrekkers had died of measles and been buried on the banks of the Perdespruit. Most of these were members of the Venter family. Since the graves were frequently flooded, in 1983 they were reburied at Skanskraal. (South-west of Voortrekker Street). 

A monument was erected and together with the Venter graves, the Skanskraal walls with their imposing gun windows, still stand as a grim reminder of that time in history.
The site has been declared a National Monument.

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