Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary lies along the Garden Route near Plettenberg Bay. A small sanctuary, but nonetheless houses over 100 snakes and other reptiles for visitors to enjoy, catering for the snake phobic to the snake lover!

The sanctuary offers a hands-on approach, allowing guests to touch and feel certain snakes and even have a python on their shoulders! Adults, Teens and even Children can show off that they have held a snake when coming here and can enjoy learning all about the lives of snakes.

Enjoy a one-hour tour filled with indigenous snakes, various outdoor exhibits, a large dome housing not only South African snakes, but exotic ones too, plus see the enormous pythons, monitor lizards and crocodiles! On the tour guests can enjoy a tranquil forest walk with various other creatures to admire.

The sanctuary helps teach guests how to respond to an unexpected encounter with local snakes, which helps encourage people to feel aware and sympathetic towards these beautiful creatures.

Things to do and see

  • Over 100 Snakes
  • Crocodiles
  • Monitor Lizards
  • One-Hour Guided Tour
  • Volunteer Program
  • Forest Walk
  • Tea Room
  • Curio Shop


Adults, R160

Teenagers, R120

Children U12, R80

Prices are subject to change, please confirm directly with the Sanctuary.

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