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skoonheid jy sal nooit vergeet nie

A little piece of ocean paradise

Oudekraal Beach is situated on the M6 between Llandudno and Bakoven and forms part of the Table Mountain National Park area. This secluded area, tucked away in a cove, remains one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets, even with its close proximity to favourites like Clifton and Camps Bay, and offers a very different kind of experience.

Braais and functions

The parking lot with a boma and braai area for functions, plus a public grassy area with braai places for afternoon picnics, is positioned right above the beach. The terracing provides uninterrupted views and the milk wood trees provide cordoned off areas of privacy.

Calm waters

The sheltered cove with its small sandy beach is surrounded by boulders which create gentle swells that are easy to swim through and the water is lovely and calm so it’s a nice place for the kids to splash around in the shallows, especially if they’re not ready for the sea just yet.

Beautiful views

Claim your picnic spot and build a fire, with an unbeatable view of the ocean as a backdrop (but leave that bottle of wine at home as there’s a strict no alcohol policy)

Lie on the beach or climb on one of the boulders and soak up the sun in a spot that leaves you feeling in absolute awe of the natural beauty that you’re surrounded by.

The turquoise sea, white sand and large boulders make this a favourite spot for photographic shoots, especially weddings, as you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque setting.


For the Muslim community this area has both historical and spiritual significance. At the turn of the 18th Century it was used as a refuge for slaves who had escaped from the colonial authorities and their masters. Among them were Muslim spiritual leaders who had been captured and brought to the Cape after leading uprisings against slavery in the Dutch East Indies. The Oudekraal ravines provided seclusion and safety for them, allowing them to teach their disciples and keep Islam alive in the Cape.

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