Pajamas & Jam Eatery

Now for something really different!

This delightfully different Bistro, cum coffee shop, cum bakery, cum delicatessen, cum antique dealer, is situated in the industrial area of Gants Plaza in Strand, on the doorstep of Somerset West. The menu varies daily, so there’s a mouth-watering surprise awaiting you everyday. 


For breakfast you can order anything from Eggs Benedict, or a healthy sandwich stacked with beetroot, Camembert, onion marmalade and beef, to a creamy spinach and mozzarella-filled omelette served with toasted garlic and cheese. Or how about poached eggs with bacon, sour cream and pesto? 


Lunch includes an old school favourite like proper traditional bobotie, complete with coconut cream and almonds and chilli to chase the winter woes away . If your Banting blood is boiling, try the Banting burger or Banting beef lasagna served with an interesting green salad that contains clementine segments.


No alcohol here, but our freshly squeezed juices can be enjoyed in refreshing flavour combinations like celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger; also there’s buchu and rose geranium cordial and an excellent coffee and tea selection.

Don’t leave before you’ve tried our Lindt hot chocolate, or maybe just one of those double chocolate brownies!

Whatever taste buds you have you will not be disappointed with our food, our service or the ambience.

Costumes for all occasions

Pajamas & Jam Eatery share premises with Wonderland Costumes where you can hire an outfit for any occasion. 

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