Orlando Towers

Vertical Adventure Centre

Get Up High In Soweto & Experience The Freedom!!

  • Abseil
  • Base Jump
  • Bungee Jump
  • Paint Ball
  • Power Swing
  • Rap Jump
  • Rock Climbing
  • SCAD Freefall
  • Team Building
  • View Platform


Thursday, 12h00 - 18h00

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 10h00 to 18h00


Manoeuvre yourself down the side of the tower with ropes. No experience needed.

Base Jump

Orlando Towers is base jump friendly. Only for the experienced jumper and must be pre-arranged by our BASE Co-ordinator, Danilo Pagani.

Bungee Jump

100m Bungee  

From 100 m up in the air, you step out onto the suspension bridge between the two towers, pause to view the breath-taking panorama over greater Soweto, face the open sky .... and jump! 

Straitjacket Challenge

Jump from our suspension bridge wearing a straitjacket and get to keep the Blueye Squid Goggles.


Serious fun for groups inside the Western Cooling Tower. Managed by Livin Adventures.

Power Swing 

Swing between the two towers and get a good view of Soweto!

Rap Jump

Abseil but face down!

Rock Climb

Try our 25 m climbing wall and challenge your abilities from different angles. Soon to be extended to 100 m. Managed by Livin Adventures.

SCAD Freefall

The World's highest SCAD Freefall takes place inside the Western Cooling Tower. SCAD Freefall is a joint venture between Ferdi Burger and Nico Myburg.

Team Building

Orlando Towers is ideal for Team Building.

Viewing Platform

Travel up the side of the Western Cooling Tower in a lift and get a 360º view of Soweto from our viewing platform.

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