Ontdek Suid-Afrika
lug jou kop uit die sand

Trafalgar Beach which lies a short way down the coast from San Lameer is wide, sandy, rustic and extremely natural; a quiet piece of paradise.

It is in close proximity to the 190 ha Mpenjati Nature Reserve whose mission is to "preserve, in perpetuity, the natural environment of forest types, dune vegetation and grasslands (including wet grassland) for the benefit of the animals, birds and other creatures occurring there." 

The sub-tropical water is pleasant enough to swim in all year round, lifeguards are on duty throughout the year, and the beach is protected with shark nets. Surfing is good.

In clear weather, the rocky reef formation just offshore, provides the ideal location for snorkelling. Here, only a short distance from the shoreline, one will find a wide variety of fish, plant material, petrified wood and fossilised remains of shellfish. At Springtide it is possible to get up real close to examine these ancient remains in great detail.

The facilities are minimal and those that exist are situated close to the parking area, a short distance from the beach. There are no shops or restaurants close by, so go prepared with a picnic basket.

Trafalgar beach got its unusual name from Viscount Horatio Nelson, after the decisive naval battle in 1805 where the French and Spanish fleets were defeated by the English.

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