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lug jou kop uit die sand

During the Transvaal War of Independence (1880-81) O’Neill’s cottage, which lay in “no man’s land” between the British and Burgher forces, became a make-do hospital for the British, after their defeat at Majuba.

In March 1881, the peace treaty that ended the war was negotiated here over a period of some 21 days. During this momentous occasion seated in its parlour, amongst others, were:

  • Capt. Roberts
  • Col. R. Buller
  • Commandant Gen. Piet Joubert
  • Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood
  • Marthinus Pretorius
  • Major Clarke
  • Paul Kruger
  • President Brand


Visitors are welcome to view this Provincial Heritage site with its recently restored cottage, now a museum, that shows a glimpse into its rich history. There is a young man who lives on the property behind the cottage; guests can just hoot and he will unlock the cottage for them. There are also some graves of the brave soldiers who died from their injuries during this war.

Visiting hours

All week, 08h00 - 16h00

Entrance to the cottage is directly off the N11, 37km from Newcastle.

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