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The Simon’s Town Heritage Museum is just one of the “must do” museum visits if you are interested in the history of this beautiful seaside town. Close to the Heritage Museum is also the South African Naval Museum,  Simon’s Town Museum and the Warrior Toy Museum which are all worth a visit.

The Museum was created as a reminder of the rich Muslim culture that existed in Simon’s Town. It offers an understanding of the Cape Malay cultural influence and history of the region between 1743 when there was an influx of Dutch Batavian descent until 1975 when families were forcibly being removed from the town under the Group Areas Act of the Nationalist Government claiming Simon’s Town to be a “whites only” area!

The Museum is housed in the Almay House, built in 1858, and which was the original home to the Almay family before they were forcibly removed in 1875. More than 7000 people from the region were removed from their homes following the Group Areas Act during the Aparthied era. After the advent of democracy, the Amlay family were the first former residents to return to Simon's Town in 1995.

The formation of the Heritage Museum was initiated by the Noorul Islam Historical Society that comprises of a group of former and present residents of Simon's Town and family member Zainab Davidson established the museum and curates its exhibitions today. Visitors can expect to learn more about the early residents of Simon’s Town, their heritage and the intricacies of Muslim culture. Ceremonial artefacts, photographs and displays give you an insight into their religion and traditions.

Things to see and do

  • Photographs from former residents
  • Newspaper articles
  • Apartheid & Forced Removal Exhibit
  • Restored Almay Gardens
  • Small Function Venue
  • Walking Tours from the Museum


Sunday viewing by appointment only.

Closed Mondays, Public Holidays & Eid Days

Admission Fee, R5

Prices subject to change, please confirm with the Museum

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