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Bastervoetpad Pass lies between the summit of the Barkly Pass and Ugie, close to Barkly East. It is officially known as the Dr Lapa Munnik Pass, although no-one uses this name, and is also at times referred to as the Baster Voetslaan Pass or Basters Pass. Roughly translated, Basters Voetpad means “bastard footpath” and rightly so as this Pass is exceptionally challenging!

Distance 20 km
Gradient average 1:24
Gradient maximum 1:5
Summit 2240 m
Surface Gravel / Dirt

Bastervoetpad Pass is one of eight Passes collectively known as the “8 Passes Challenge” or “Stitching the Dragons Tail”. It is without a doubt essential to traverse this Pass in a proper 4x4 vehicle with low range and high ground clearance. This Pass is not for the fainthearted and is a true adventurer’s Pass with some vertigo inducing drop-offs and very rough sections.

The Pass offers some of the finest scenery in the country, rugged mountains and deep, green valleys of the southern Drakensberg, strongly reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands! However, it is highly recommended that anyone considering driving the Bastervoetpad Pass to watch every video available and to read all the step by step details on the route before making their decision.

A driver must be confident in his vehicle and his driving ability and will need to bring along tools for possible repairs, including an axe or hacksaw to trim away foliage which may be blocking the road. The hairpins are true hairpins, rocks can sometimes fall across the road and it is  strongly recommend breaking the descent down into bite sized chunks of around 20 to 30 minutes each, allowing time for a leg-stretch and to enjoy the spectacular scenery as well as giving yourself time to regain your concentration levels.

The views from the summit are indescribable and on good weather days you can gaze at panoramic vistas which stretch all the way to the Indian Ocean!

Thing to do and see

  • Streams, Farmland & Bridges
  • “Onion Rocks” & "Giant Mushroom" Formations
  • Dr Lapa Munnik & Nic de Bruin Plaques
  • Valetta Farmstead
  • Scenic Photo Opportunities
  • Barkly Pass
  • Old Pass Roads


Free to Drive

Best during daylight hours

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