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Green Hideaway in Sandton

Many have noticed the huge Hyundai hot air balloon that hovers over Sandton on most days, but most do not know that it also marks the spot of a rather pretty, inner-city Park. Formally known as Mushroom Park, it has since its’ upgrade, been renamed Hyundai Sky Park.

The new name was chosen for obvious reasons, but not only because of the balloon that soars 120 metres into the sky opposite the Radisson Blu Hotel, but also because it is Hyundai that invested in the rehabilitation of the Park. The small Park was rehabilitated as part of the Guatrain Project – the grounds first served as a way for the construction company responsible for the tunnel to access the construction works area.    

Today the area is an extraordinary lush green hideaway in the Sandton Central’s business district which serves as a reprieve from the noise, high-rise buildings, shopping malls and traffic. It offers a calm place for families and pet owners looking for a breath of fresh air or businessmen and women looking for a bit of sunshine on their lunch break.

The Park now includes paved walkways for mothers with prams or lunch time joggers and cyclists and there are tables and benches for perfect for picnics. Kiddies have a new and improved play area and the Park staff list now includes security. Pop by, take a balloon ride or simply just enjoy this little spot of tranquillity!

Things to See and Do

  • Children’s Play Park & Sandpit
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Amphitheatre
  • Earth Garden
  • Duck Pond
  • Paved Pathways
  • Picnic Tables & Benches
  • Hyundai Hot Air Balloon


Admission is Free & Dogs on leashes are permitted

Balloon Rides, weather permitting Adults, R95 and Children U10 R65

Prices are subject to change, please contact the park directly to confirm

 Please note that staff are not always available to answer the phone, for any other information about using the space it would be best to go down in person to the Park and talk to the staff at the site office.

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