Montecasino Bird Gardens

The only bird sanctuary of its kind in Africa

Montecasino Bird Gardens is the only bird sanctuary of its kind in Africa. It is one of Gauteng’s most popular attractions, providing great family fun entertainment in the heart of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs.

The Bird Gardens are home to over one hundred species of birds, more than enough to keep any adult or child visitor completed captivated while strolling along the elevated walkways in the main aviary. Some of the colourful birds roaming the gardens include Nicobar Pigeons, Scarlet Ibisis and Royal Starlings as well as some endangered birds like the Buffon’s Macaws and Grey-Crowned Cranes.

Montecasino Bird Gardens are also home to other creatures and there are separate displays for reptiles, snakes and frogs. Roaming the Gardens are small antelope and some mammals like Lemurs, Meerkats, Sloths and Marmosets are also on display. No visit to the Bird Gardens is complete without meeting Oliver, a Southern White Pelican and star of the “Flight of Fantasy Show” so be sure to catch the thirty minute free flight show in the Tuscan Amphitheatre.

Families can enjoy light meals at the Flamingo Café where a few feathered friends may even join you. Relax while enjoying the gardens and the pond, there is plenty to choose from the Menu.

Things to do and see

  • Walk-Through Aviary
  • Flight of Fantasy Bird Show
  • Parrot Gallery
  • Frog Room
  • Snake & Reptile Section
  • Small Mammals
  • South African Cycad Gardens
  • Holiday Programs
  • Flamingo Café
  • Montecasino


Pensioners, Hotel Guests and Children between 2 and 10yrs, R36 per person

Adults and Children 11 yrs and older, R64 per person

Children under 2yrs, Free

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