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‘The Most Interesting Part of McDougalls Bay”

Only 2.7 km outside of Port Nolloth is the quaint little village of McDougalls Bay, home to George’s Spot and George Moyses himself.  

George is a humble, tough West Coast resident, SA Navy Diver, Diamond Diver, Boat Builder, Writer, Photographer, Videographer, Actor and Producer all in one and above all has many interesting stories to tell. George has opened his home and self-made museum to visitors exploring the west Coast and his “spot” is by far the most interesting and “must see” in the area around McDougalls Bay and Port Nolloth. In fact George is such a colourful and knowledgeable character that the town even has him running the Port Nolloth Museum, so if you don’t find him at George’s Spot you sure to get in touch with him at the Museum.

The small self-made Museum and exhibition house can be found alongside the slipway in McDougalls Bay, just south of the caravan park. It is full of interesting artifacts, quirks and stories on diamond diving and various sea related topics he has created himself. George walks the sandy shores and dives when there are “sea days” and the rest of the time he is writing and making DVD’s about his experiences. There are many of these books, DVD’s, art, photos and quirky items for sale, ifyou don’t get to visit George’s Spot, you have missed out on one of the real gems of the Diamond Coast!

Things to do and see

  • Diving Exhibition
  • Diamond Diving Info
  • Artifacts & NicNaks
  • DVD’s & Books
  • Photographs
  • Hand-made Models
  • Items for Sale


There is a nominal entrance fee of R10 per person. Donations in the “dime box” are welcomed. 

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