Port Nolloth Lighthouse

Before the establishment of a light by the Cape Colonial Government, an ordinary ships lantern mounted on a steel tower made of rails approximately 40 feet high known as the Carl & Schlick Beacon existed. Today, aside from being the most northern lighthouse on the western coast of South Africa, The Port Nolloth Lighthouse is also rather unusual looking lighthouse that stands majestically in the garden of a house on Beach Road. 

Candlepower 82 170 C.D.
Character of Light One flash every 10 seconds
Installation Date 1909
Range 19 sea miles
Structure 11 metre aluminium lattice tower with triangular black and white striped daymark
Type of Light Sealed Beam Revolving Beacon
Other features Equipped with a radio beacon and medium range electric fog signal. Main supply with one diesel/alternator set

The Lighthouse is an 11 metre aluminium lattice tower with a triangular black and white striped day marker which was at one time manned, between 1909 and 1981, by a Senior Lighthouse and two lighthouse keepers during foggy weather. Now the Port Nolloth Lighthouse is well maintained, but all functions are monitored and controlled from Cape Point Lighthouse.

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing from outside
  • Ship wreck on the beach nearby


There is no admission fee, viewing is permitted.

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