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Voting Line Sculpture


This impressive sculpture consists of 48 two dimensional images of people waiting in line to vote, in various shapes and sizes including some sea gulls overhead and several pigeons on the ground.

The figures are all strung together and do not stand alone as if to show the solidarity of people in a voting line and the front of the line has a large stand alone 2 dimensional image of Nelson Mandela.

The figure of Mandela is in fact the new logo of the Mandela Foundation’s Madiba Trust who gave consent to the artist to use it for the Voting Line Sculpture. It is the first time the logo has been allowed to be used for a Mandela Memorial. This is also the first public sculpture of Mandela in Mandela Bay.

  • Size: Life Size
  • Length: 36.6
  • Weight: 14 ton
  • Material: laser cut steel and stainless steel 


Many photographs were taken of people from Nelson Mandela Bay and then captured in CAD format on computer for laser cutting.


Anthony Harris and Konrad Geel were the creators of this unusual and most interesting of the sculptures dedicated to date, of Nelson Mandela.


This sculpture symbolises the long voting lines that could be seen all over the country at the first election of a free South Africa in 1994.

The artist has used children in the front of the line to show a sense of happiness and playfulness but the people standing straight up also convey the seriousness of the voting process. There are also small children at the feet of the parents that adds a nurturing aspect to the sculpture.

At sunset and seen from a certain angle it looks like Mandela is calling the people to follow him and this can only be attributed to the artists unique talents at capturing the essence of the man and his role in the new South Africa


The line of figures is positioned along the drum shaped wall at the base of The Great Flag Pole in the Donkin Reserve, opposite to the lighthouse.

The Donkin Reserve

The reserve overlooks the Nelson Mandela Bay and is a public park that was decreed to be public for ever, by Sir Rufane in honour of his wife Elizabeth, after whom the city of Port Elizabeth is named. It forms part of "Route 67", an art / heritage route that covers 67 art works in memory of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela dedicated of his life to serve the people of South Africa. This is a self-guided tour that takes hours, in and around, Mandela Bay.

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