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North Sand Bluff Lighthouse lies within a Complex of the same name in Port Edward. The complex is an exciting partnership between the National Port Authority, South African Lighthouse Adventure Tours Organisation (SALATO) and Northern Sand Bluff cc. It was opened to the public in December of 2004 and was named “the best view of the coast on the coast”.

Candlepower 511 000 C.D.
Character of Light Two flashes every 10 seconds
Installation Date 17 July 1968
Range 24 sea miles
Structure 21 metre White stone tower 
Type of Light Automatic electric
Other features Equipped with a radio beacon. Main supply with one standby diesel/alternator set

Visitors to the area will find quality holiday accommodation and the Ships Galley Coffee and Curio Shop at the lighthouse, making it not only a great day visit, but also a great place to stay for the weekend. The onsite museum is full of wonderful artefacts from the 1552 São João shipwreck off Port Edward.

Easy access and shaded parking means day visitors can spend a few hours enjoying the museum, lighthouse and a light lunch, while residents will also have access to the swimming pool in the complex!

The lighthouse is also the start or end point of the Aloe Trail and Twin Wrecks Adventure trail, a perfect addition for the outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in these beautiful hiking trails.

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing
  • Ship Galley Coffee Shop and Curio Shop
  • Maritime Museum
  • Hiking Trails
  • Accommodation & Swimming Pool


There is no admission fee, viewing is permitted.

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