Voortrekker / Msunduzi Museum

The Msunduzi Museum, incorporating the Voortrekker Museum, can be found in the centre of Pietermaritzburg and has evolved into a multi-cultural museum complex which showcases the history of all the people of the province.

The Museum's Main Building dates back to 1905 and was originally the Longmarket Street Girls Primary School. It was designed by architect A.E. Dainton, who modelled it on schools in England and Europe. The School moved to its current location in 1972 and the building became the property of the Voortrekker Museum in 1985. The main Building holds exhibits and displays that focus on the history of the town, democracy and the cultures of the province.

E.G Jansen House & The Church of the Vow

The Voortrekker Complex includes four other museum buildings which exhibit displays which focus on the history of the Voortrekkers and the Great Trek and the E. G. Jansen Extension includes the statue of Piet Retief and one of the oldest oxwagons that were use din the Great Trek. The Church of the Vow was had been built in 1840 to fulfil the vow the Voortrekkers had made to God before the Battle of Blood River, or Ncome, that, if he would grant them victory, they would build a Church in his honour. Voortrekker relics including a water bottle and Bible, which belonged to Piet Retief and were found at KwaMatiwane, where he and his party had been killed on the orders of King Dingane.

A. Pretorius House

The Andries Pretorius House is a replica of the farm house that General Pretorius lived in after the battle of Blood River. In the 1970’s it was decided that the house would be saved from further damage by rebuilding it on the site of the Voortrekker Museum. It was declared a National Monument in 1977 and consecrated on 16 December 1981.

Voortrekkerhuis, 33 Boom Street

The Voortrekker House in Boom Street is also part of the Voortrekker Complex and managed by the Msunduzi Museum. It is believed to be the oldest remaining Voortrekker house in Pietermaritzburg. The Voortrekker house was declared a National Monument on 9 September 1979. In 1982 it was bought by the Voortrekker Museum in order to be developed into a period house. At the moment it houses a display on the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

Things to see and do

Main Building:

  • Tapestry of Cultures Exhibit
  • Birthplace of Democratic Exhibit
  • Prince Imperial Displays
  • Zulu Hut Exhibit
  • Shiva Indian Temple Replica
  • Herb Garden
  • History of Pietermaritzburg
  • Auditorium & Library
  • Gift Shop

Voortrekker Complex:

  • Church of the Vow
  • Andries Pretorius House
  • E.G. Jansen Extension
  • Voortrekkerhuisie (Boom Street)


Adults, R10

Children, R3

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Museum directly to confirm

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