Tatham Art Gallery

Situated in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu-Natal, the Tatham Art Gallery is one of the major art museums in South Africa and dates back to 1903.

This exclusive Art Gallery is home to a range of Art Exhibitions, both permanent and travelling temporary exhibitions. Ongoing changes are also made to the permanent display areas. The early years, up until 1923, the collection of artwork was comprised mostly of paintings from British artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Over the next three years the collection expanded with generous gifts of over 400 art works and Objects d’art from a retired officer of the Indian Army Medical Corps, Colonel Robert H. Whitwell. The collection included work from Impressionist and Post-Impressionist, British and French artists. The Objects d’art included Chinese and European ceramics.

The early 1960’s saw some items sold that were not seen as suitable for an Art Museum however, artwork from ceramics from contemporary South African artists were acquired after the first permanent Curator was appointed in 1963. 1983 saw the first art works by contemporary black South Africans artists and this collection includes beadwork, ceramics, wood carvings and basketry.

If art is your thing then you will be delighted with this huge collection of local and international art this gallery has to offer. Browse their website to see what temporary exhibitions, events and concerts are taking place. This Gallery is a definite must for art lovers!

Things to see and do

  • Local & International Art Pieces
  • Main Exhibition Hall
  • Schreiner Gallery
  • Perimeter Gallery
  • Prints Room
  • Ceramics Room
  • Library
  • Loma Ferguson Room
  • Paintings, Sculptures & Drawings
  • Ceramics, Beadwork & Basketry
  • Temporary & Travelling Art Exhibitions
  • Visual Art & Music Concerts
  • Café Tatham
  • Gift Shop


Currently Admission is Free, please confirm directly with the Museum

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