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History, Culture & Art

One of only five National Museums in South Africa, the KwaZulu-Natal Museum in Pietermaritzburg is considered one of the best in the country and renowned for its unique and diverse collections.

Located not far from the landmark City Hall the Museum name doesn’t give much away about its exhibits, but visitors will be delighted to find galleries and rooms decorated out in some of the most interesting cultural, historical and natural exhibits. These exhibits include a large selection of mammals, birds, insects as well as an extensive mollusc collection, plus a life-size T-Rex.

The Hall dedicated to the history of the province includes a reconstruction of a typical Victorian Street from the late eighteenth century, complete with shops, stable and period homes. Visitors can also explore a recreation of a cave in the Drakenberg displaying typical San rock art, as well as geological and paleontological material. In the Trade and Towns section you can walk the decks of a wrecked trading ship.

Interesting temporary exhibitions give the KwaZulu-Natal Museum a definite dynamic advantage. Some temporary exhibitions and happenings have included xenophobic violence exhibit, a get together of over 100 local poets to celebrate Human Rights Day, a science symposium and a field trip to the Blommeskat of the Namaqualand Region.

“A visit to the KwaZulu-Natal Museum is a great way to spend the day, start your journey now!”

Things to see and do

  • Guided Tours & Lectures
  • Eight Natural History Galleries
  • T-Rex Model
  • Marine Gallery
  • Ten Cultural History Galleries
  • KwaZulu-Natal History Room
  • Town & Trade Exhibition
  • Drakensberg Cave & Rock Art Exhibition
  • Children’s Art Exhibition
  • Pietermaritzburg Indian Community Exhibit
  • 2010 Soccer World Cup Exhibit
  • Temporary Exhibits
  • Film Room & Resource Library
  • Lecture & Conference Rooms
  • Internet Café
  • Gift Shop


Adults, R10

Children 4 to 17 years, R2,50

Pensioners & Children U4, Free

Internet Café – Adults R10, per hour & Children R5, per hour

Prices subject to change, please confirm directly with the Museum

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