Leiwaterdam Voëlreservaat

Montagu’s Leiwaterdam Bird Sanctuary is a unique football field size lake with a natural phenomenon of indigenous birds nesting and breeding right in the centre of town at the north-westerly corner of Barry and Bath Streets. Eighteen species including Sacred Ibis, Herons, Cormorants, Egrets, Shrikes and Weavers can be spotted and more than 52 visiting species have been identified.

The dam is surrounded by several large soetdoring (Vachellia (Acacia) karroo) trees and reedbeds. The vegetation supports a wide range of breeding and foraging birds which has become an international birding attraction. 

The Montagu Eco-Club erected a beautiful hide in October 2009, which serves as a great viewing platform and where pictures and descriptions of the most commonly found birds are displayed. The project was funded entirely by the townspeople, with major shares donated by the Montagu Leiwater Gebruikersvereniging, Rotary and Lions.

For photographers, this heronry is well worth a stop because you're so close to nesting cattle egrets and sacred ibises you can see them feed their chicks. Visit in the morning to have the sun behind you.

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