Vivere Restaurant
Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Vivere will be closed till further notice.

Of all the places to eat in Middelburg and surrounding areas Vivere Restaurant stands out as one not to be missed.

“il coraggio di vivere” is the Italian expression that challenges one to dare to live. This principle is what inspired Willem van der Walt and his wife Norma Mohr to buy an old historic building that used to be the quarters of General French during the Anglo Boer War and to start a restaurant with a fresh new approach to food in this quiet tree-lined part of Middelburg.

Vivere Restaurant was born not for the sake of doing business or making a living but out of a passion for great food and living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Vivere directly translated from Italian means to ‘live’ or to be living and that is exactly what happens when you enter the 100 year old character building, the night comes alive with atmosphere and the sounds of chatter and laughter echoing form the high ceilings as people are enjoying themselves with good food and good company. Even the Vivere menu comes alive with interesting dishes like spicy chicken livers wrapped in a fresh tortilla or delicious pizza topped with pork belly and pear.

Vivere Restaurant recently installed a pizza oven and if you love thin crust then this is the place to visit for a cracker bread thin crust that leaves you begging for more.

Facilities & Features

Vivere Restaurant is a rare treat to have in a small Karoo town like Middelburg. It is understanding then to note thatthe restaurant will be open for business only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.The facilities are however available for functions and events, so feel free to contact Norma. The old VCA building that is the home of Vivere Restaurant is set in a beautiful garden with a large sycamore tree, lush green lawns and a crystal clear swimming pool. The building is surrounded by a wrap around veranda creating a colonial feel where patrons can sit outside on a warm summers day to enjoy their meals. Inside in the main dining room is a beautiful ornate fireplace creating a warm and inviting atmosphere on cooler winter evenings.

The restaurant has a liquor license and houses a full bar stocked with a selection of wines, beers, coolers, liqueurs and distilled beverages. Aside from the main dining room the building also houses a small hall that can be used for conferences and functions. Ample off street parking is available although Middelburg's low crime rate makes it perfectly safe to park in the quiet street outside.

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