Van Reenen Straat Begraafplaas

Located in the center of Middelburg, the Van Reenen Street Graveyard has become an interesting historical site worthwhile a visit.

This cemetery was used from the period around the founding of town in 1852 till 1900 at which time it became full. Many of the graves are simple, white, unmarked crosses leaving much speculation as to who lay buried there and what the circumstances of their deaths might be. The white crosses were erected to indicate graves where the grave markings have been eroded away.

The Van Reenen Street graveyard recently underwent renovations and many of the stones have been repaired as well as the stone wall surrounding the cemetery. A lost gate have also been reunited with its other half and the stone pillar holding the gate have been rebuild. 

The cemetery is open to the public 24/7 and access is simply through open gates from Van Reenen street.

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