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The Cape St. Lucia Lighthouse was once the most northerly light along the Eastern Coast of South Africa however, after 1985 two more lighthouses were erected between it and the Mozambique border. The first was at Vidal Point in 1985 and the second at Jesser Point near Sodwana Bay in 1986.

Candlepower 600 000 C.D.
Character of Light Group flashing, two every 10 seconds
Installation Date 1906 / 1915
Range 24 sea miles
Structure 8 metre circular cast iron tower painted with black and white horizontal bands
Type of Light Revolving Electric
Other features Equipped with a radio beacon. The lighthouse is fully automatic. Triple mutual diesel/alternator sets

The black and white striped, 8 metre circular cast iron tower is situated 113 metres above sea level within a dense indigenous forest. The eight metre high tower is small by most standards, quaintly painted in the original standard lighthouse black and white bands. 

The site for the Cape St Lucia Lighthouse was found in 1904 and getting to it to build the structure was difficult. A three hour trip on an ox-drawn wagon would have been the norm and even today the lighthouse is only accessible via a dirt road. The posting of a Lightkeeper here was a lonely one and so tented to be managed by solitary Lightkeepers without families - except in the early 1940's when Mrs Coward, the Lightkeepers wife became the first and only woman to ever be employed as an Assistant Lightkeeper. 

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing
  • View of the Jolly Robino Shipwreck


There is no admission fee, viewing is permitted during daylight hours.

Find Us

Cape St Lucia Lighthouse lies approximately 20 km south of the St. Lucia river mouth. Visitors can reach the Lighthouse along the Mapelane Road (party dirt, party tar), which lies alongside the N2. It is approximately 15 minutes from the entrance to the Mapelane Resort. The locals are willing and able to point you in the right direction.

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