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Road to Nowhere

The Bushmanskloof Pass (Boesmanskloofpas), is a hidden gem, situated just outside the town of McGregor in the Western Cape. The Pass connect the town with the farm Die Galg (The Neck) at the summit and the end of the Pass.

Distance 5,25 km
Gradient average 1:16
Gradient maximum 1:7
Summit 734 m
Surface Gravel

It is a road seldom travelled and is also known as “The Road to Nowhere” due to it ending quite abruptly at the summit. There are a few stories on why the road ends so abruptly, the most common being that the road was built before the end of WW2 by the Italian prisoners of war and that when the war ended, and the POW's were repatriated to Italy, it was decided to abandon the completion of the project due to the difficulty of the terrain and the costs involved.

The Bushmanskloof Pass is just over 25 km’s long and a delight to drive with outstanding views near the summit, steep inclines, hairpin bends and dry-stone walled supports. The Pass starts at the Konings River crossing just outside McGregor where the road starts climbing immediately, heading into a series of curves and a tight horseshoe bend.

From here the Pass is particularly attractive with sweeping views over the valley to the east, it is just a pity that there are not too many safe places to stop along this stretch to admire the landscape. The road is not busy, except maybe on the weekend when hikers come up to follow the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail, one of the Western Capes most popular trails. Continue straight, ignoring the road that turns off to the right, and travel on to the natural neck ahead, the step cliff on your left is Bobbejaanskrans.

The final S-bends and steep climb brings you to the summit. There are a number of small cottages and a large barn at the summit, known as Die Galg. The barn is used for drying proteas which are harvested extensively in these mountains, for export. The cottages are available to rent and are basic - offering sleeping accommodation for hikers. Shortly beyond Die Galg, the road is barred by a chain and no vehicles are allowed past this point. This is also the start of the hiking trail and from here you will have to turn around and follow the Pass back down.

Thing to do and see

  • Konings River
  • Eastern Viewpoints of the Valley
  • Bobbejaanskrans
  • Die Galg Farm


No Admission Fee

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