Klipriviersberg Staproetes

Hiking is the main activity in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The hiking trails are scenic and vary in distance and in degree of difficulty. A three hour hike along the flatter areas can be completed by most people who can manage three hours of shopping. The steeper, hilly areas can be testing for even the fit.

Some 20 kilometers of trails, from flat to strenuous, are clearly marked. A climb to the highest point of some 1790 meters will provide a clear view of the Jo’burg skyline to the North, and very close by, animals grazing in their natural habitat. That contrast has got to be unique so close to a major city. Surely a great way to escape the city life.

We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have a facility such as this within 10 kilometers of the Johannesburg CBD. This must be almost unique in the world and provides an opportunity to enjoy the open air and a nature experience very close to home.

The Reserve is open to all at no cost all year round and is there to enable the residents of Johannesburg to stretch their legs whilst experiencing some clean air and an abundance of plant and animal life in a basically safe environment.

Trails & loops

  • Beacon
  • Bloubos
  • Dassie
  • Gifbol
  • Kiepersol
  • Legae Loop
  • Ruins
  • Tswana Loop
  • Wildebees

Guided walks

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month you may join our walks that are led by guides who are familiar with the reserve. This is an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about this wonderful environment.

Contact Tony Weedon (082 413 2583) and he will show you places you won't see, or even notice, on your own.

Mid-week walks

Guided mid-week walks are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. These walks start at 9h00 at the entrance precinct in Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park. If you are new to the reserve it is recommended that you join these guided walks. There is no charge.

Specialist walks

Specialist walks are held twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. Groups are guided by specialists in geology, archaeology, botany and history. After the walk come back to Silent Pool for a "bring and braai".


There is no charge to enter the reserve.


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