Iziko South African Museum

Iziko South African Museum is South Africa’s National Museum and has been located in The Company’s Garden in Cape Town since 1897. This museum is not only a natural history museum but a living museum showcasing the latest contemporary collections. Literally millions of people have walked through the museum and have been fascinated with its diverse displays and collections. The South African Museum was established in 1825 by Sir Charles Somerset and was the first museum to be established in South Africa. It is the largest and oldest museum in the country and is housed in a charming late Victorian style building.

The museum is very large and is divided into distinctive sections:

Ground Level

  • Discovery Room
  • Karroo Fossils
  • People Past To Present
  • Southern Oceans
  • Whale Well
  • Word Of Water

Level 1

  • Iziko planetarium
  • Meteorites
  • Our place in the universe
  • Sharkland

Level 2

  • Birds
  • History of SA museums
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Mammals
  • Mind Space
  • Mineral collection, biology of bats and a model of Table Mountain
  • Wonders of Nature

Level 3

  • End –Premian Extinction
  • Evolution of mammals
  • Stone bones of the ancient Karoo


  • Fossils – 700 million years old
  • Insects
  • Prehistoric tools - that date eons back
  • Traditional clothes from last century as well as contemporary fashion

Guided tours behind the scenes

Guided tours are offered from time to time where the visitor can visit the laboratories and the Archives of the museum. There are more collections archived than there are on display and these tours offer the public an opportunity to view them.

Museum Scientists

These dedicated people are always willing to give talks at schools clubs or other interested groups.They will also identify strange items that people find and take to them. Museum Scientists are often called upon to undertake environmental impact assessments, which help protect our heritage.

Venues for Hire

  • Banquet Halls
  • Boardrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Reception halls
  • The Whale Well
  • Theatre


  • All Week, 10h00 - 17h00
  • Closed, Christmas and Worker’s Day.

  • Admission

    Please refer to their website

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