Dannic Water Purification

Country wide installations or delivery of water purification units, heating solutions and swimming pool purification systems

Under-counter Reverse Osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis often referred to as RO, is an advanced water purification method that was initially developed by the U.S. Navy to produce drinking water from sea water for submarine crews. It is a membrane filtration technology that works by forcing water under pressure through the very tiny pores of a semi-permeable membrane. Modern reverse osmosis units for the home combine membrane technology with carbon and mechanical filtration to produce highly purified, great-tasting water.

In modern home units, water is driven by normal city water pressure and flows first through a carbon pre-filter which removes organic contaminants including chlorine and its by-products. Next, it enters the reverse osmosis membrane, a very tight, sheet-like filter that allows water to pass but rejects dissolved solids like sodium and impurities like lead and arsenic. The purified water is then stored in a small storage tank until needed. Only when the faucet is opened, the purified water is forced by air pressure through another carbon filter which removes the chlorine.

(This is a simplified description of a three-stage RO unit. Additional stages like sediment filters and additional carbon filters can be included.)

Whole house water filtration

The Benefits of Using a Whole House Water Purifier is that it sterilises all he water coming into the home.

  • 1st stage: Automatic back-washable carbon filter
  • 2nd stage: Stainless steel UV water steriliser: eliminates all bacteria, cyst and viruses in the water supply.

For those who are health conscious, the benefits of using a whole house filter far outweigh the costs. A whole house system filters the water at the point of entry, providing clean water for cooking, washing and bathing. This system gives maximum removal of chemicals for people who are serious about their health.

Removing Chloroform gas from the home

Interestingly enough, this type of filter not only helps remove pollution from water, but also from the air in your home. Municipally treated water has chloroform gas in it, and according to the EPA, every home that uses it has elevated levels of this gas which can cause severe respiratory problems. Most people don’t realise that the contaminants in water can be absorbed through the skin so even though you might filter your drinking water, if you don't filter your shower you can still be getting toxins from the water this way. Chloroform and other chemicals are dispersed as a gas when water is heated. If you are standing in the shower right under it you are probably breathing in a lot of chemicals

Hot and cold water dispensers

Water Heaters (Lorenzetti)

  • Save up to 60% on electricity!
  • Save 60% on water with under counter water heaters / electric showers.
  • Instant heat!
  • SABS approved geyser replacement!
  • No piping required - Install using existing water pipes and tap outlets.
  • The versatile water heater can replace accumulation heaters.
  • Use under kitchen sinks, washbasins, lavatories and bidets, out of sight.
  • No more burst geysers!
  • Only 5% heat loss opposed to the average 30% of the water heat loss with a conventional geyser.

Solar Geysers 

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Maintenance free
  • Eskom rebate.

 Flash Doser for swimming pools

Automatic chlorine doser for South African swimming pools. 

  • Saves up to R250 a month on electricity
  • Better chlorine consumption
  • Crystal clear swimming pools.

UV-C Ioniser for swimming pool

  • No chemicals UV technology
  • Swim in a chlorine
  • Chemical and salt free swimming pool

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