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St Martin’s Grades 4-7 have many opportunities to participate in sporting, cultural and musical activities. These include; violin lessons, learning the marimbas, chess matches with St Mary’s, swimming, hockey, squash, soccer and netball.

TransUnion have formed an Outreach partnership with St Martin’s Senior and in particular provide support to pupils who need help with mathematics.

Vision statement
1.     To develop in our pupils Christian values that will encourage them to live a life of service in which they will contribute to a quality of life that all South Africans can enjoy.
2.     To instil in our pupils a work ethic, the acquisition of learning skills, and the development of initiative.
3.     To instil in our pupils the following school-wide values:  be safe, be respectful, be responsible and be healthy.
4.     To provide our pupils with a school that is safe, challenging and exciting; an environment in which their self-confidence can be developed and they are challenged to strive for academic excellence.
5.     To produce well rounded scholars who can take their place with confidence and dignity in any high school or tertiary institution of their choice.
6.     To develop an active and supportive parent body which encourages the use of the school-wide values at home.
Value system
Vuleka has ten all-encompassing values that we expect all pupils, teachers, staff and parents to live by. They are: be Safe, be Respectful, be Honest, be Courageous, have Integrity, be Committed, be Responsible, have Humility, Love one another and Persevere. These Values guide our behaviour and form the basis of the school’s culture.
School Culture  
Our School culture encourages social and academic success through appropriate behaviour from pupils by living out the ten school wide values and expectations at home and at school.
Spiritual statement
As an Anglican school we encourage participation in Christian fellowship which instills values, promotes a sense of emotional well-being and a sense of belonging. We make Christ the centre of our life at school and at the same time we are welcoming and sensitive to the diversity of faith found in Anglican schools. There is a rhythm of worship in the life of the school that allows for times of thanksgiving, devotion, prayer and reflection.

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