South Africa
plekke wat jy nooit sal vergeet nie

IQ Academy offers a wide range of short courses in the business field which are accessible throughout South Africa. Join thousands of students who have completed a business course through IQ Academy in Bookkeeping, Office Administration, Project Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and many more. IQ Academy also has tutors on hand to help you cover all the relative course content.

IQ Academy currently offers the following courses:

  • Higher Certificate Business Management Course
  • Higher Certificate Human Resource Management Course
  • Higher Certificate Marketing Management Course
  • Financial Management Course
  • Bookkeeping Course
  • Human Resource Management Course
  • Supervisory Management Course
  • Marketing Management Course
  • Public Relations Management Course
  • Management Information Systems Course
  • Leadership Training Course
  • Public Administration Course
  • Supply Chain Management Course
  • Risk Management Course
  • Business Management Course
  • Office Administration Course
  • Call Centre Management Course
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management Course
  • Project Management Course

Visit IQ Academy today and speak to one of our representatives for more information on how you can get enrolled and take your career to the next level!

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