South Africa
plekke wat jy nooit sal vergeet nie

Being in the centre of one of Johannesburg’s most destitute areas, the bus terminus at Van der Bijl Square started falling apart.

In the late 1990s property developer, Gerald Olitzki, approached the Government and was granted permission to revamp the square and terminus as part of Johannesburg’s inner city renewal project. He redesigned the plaza and the refurbishment was completed in 2002.

Gandhi Statue

The square was re-named Ghandi Square after Mahatma Gandhi, who was a human rights activist and lawyer who had his legal offices on the corner of Rissik and Anderson Streets. A life-size statue of Gandhi, by Tinka Christopher, depicted in his youth and dressed in his legal regalia, graces the middle of the square.


Gandhi Square and its surrounds has become one of the ‘vibey’ parts of Jozi with its stylish and modern look. Many of the shops along the square have re-opened, and there are food outlets and 24-Hour security.

Exhibitions & Campaigns

As well as a travel hub for transport in and around the city, Gandhi Square is also used for public exhibitions and awareness campaigns.

Bus Hub

If you're planning to visit the square to catch a bus, make sure you are on time as the bus drivers have strict instructions not to wait for more than two minutes.


Between Fox & Marshall and Rissik & Eloff, Marshalltown, Johannesburg.

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