Ontdek Suid-Afrika
lug jou kop uit die sand

The Stampede was my first impression in this country, nature’s most graceful charge that competes with any man-made efforts, unconditionally acclaimed by child or adult, by amateur or connoisseur, unbound by time, fashion or ‘isms’.

H.Wald - Artist

This beautiful bronze fountain, depicts a herd of seventeen Impala leaping in an elegant arc spanning some 8.5m. It is executed in a distinctly Art Deco style with a sense of grace and movement that is quite extraordinary.

The statue was commissioned by the much loved Mining Magnate Sir Harry Oppenheimer as a gift to the City of Johannesburg to commemorate his equally titanic father, Sir Ernest, and was unveiled in the Oppenheimer Gardens in 1960.

In the late 90s, it was stolen by thieves seeking to sell it for its scrap metal value, and after restoration by the artist's son, in 2002 it was moved to its more secure present location.

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