Llandudno Strand

Llandudno Beach is voted as one of Cape Town’s finest beaches. You are treated to the true beauty of this beach with its white sand, framed by granite boulders on either side, as you wind your way down Llandudno Road. 

The beach is sheltered from most winds, except the Northerly and is great for both sunbathing and recreational activities. There are spectacular views from the beach and the water is often a clear tropical blue that is both enticing and refreshing, but rather cool. Few bathers venture into the water for more than a quick dip.

For some of the most awesome sunsets linger a little longer on the beach while the sun goes down. For those who love walking on the beach, take a stroll out to the rocks on the right hand side; you will get a stunning view as you look back towards the beach. The Logies Bay promontory to the right of the beach has several caves among the granite boulders. 

The waves are powerful and this is a popular spot for surfing, with a hollow break that wedges in the right hand corner. In spring and summer the banks are usually best and can create some heavy, but awesome, barrels. Be warned though that if you are not a strong swimmer do not venture out too far! 

You will find this beautiful beach approximately 15km from Camps Bay, just before you reach Hout Bay.

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