South Africa
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The Alpha Omega Caves is situated between Ohrigstad and Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

These are most certainly different caves to what a tourist would expect. They are man-made caves, spiritually inspired and created by the artist Dr. Ron van Zyl. Here you will see things that you have heard about in Church, the difference being that you will also see a depiction of the spirit world as well. Through art in the form of sculptures, paintings, light and sound, visitors see a range of emotions and feelings such as fear, bitterness and jealousy. There are six rooms to the Caves, depicting scenes full of emotion such as the Crucifixion, Angels & Demons and the Lion of Judah. The seventh and final room is a small quaint Chapel which is often used for Weddings.

Dr. Ron van Zyl began building the Caves in 1996 and they were completed in 1999. In 2007 "Shoe Ministries” was established who have made it their mission to teach people about true Christianity. He received his Doctorate in Theology and to date has written eight books, which are part of a teaching program hosted by the World in Truth College International. He has painted numerous paintings, carved many sculptures, holds teaching seminars and conducts daily tours through his man-made caves.

Things to do and see

  • Daily tours
  • Paintings, Sculptures & Posters
  • The Shoe Sculpture
  • The Doomed – 16 metre high rock face wall
  • Chapel
  • Tea Room Café
  • Accommodation


There is a nominal entrance fee of between R25 and R70. Please contact The Shoe directly for confirmation of pricing and tour availability.


Summer months, October to March will experience average temperatures of between 16˚C to 31˚C with the highest rainfall months being between November and February.

Winter months, May to August will bring temperatures down to between 8˚C and 24˚C.


Flights are offered from both Johannesburg and Cape Town to the Hoesdpruit Eastgate Airport. Self-drive trips from Johannesburg will take approximately 5 hours. 

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