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Morgan Bay lies only an hour away from East London and is home to the popular Double Mouth Beach. The entrance is about 10 minutes from the village along the scenic Beach Road.

The beach is at the mouth of a stunning estuary, hence its name, and is known for its serenity and unmatched beauty which makes the area an ideal destination for honeymooners, family holidays or quiet getaways. The sandy beach is long and flat which is great for beach games and the waters are warm and shallow, perfect for children to splash about in.

A part of Double Mouth Beach, known as “Treasure Beach” or “Bead Beach” is home to the shipwreck of the Portuguese vessel known as the Santo Espirito which sank in 1608. This is a great area, as its name implies, to search for little treasures such as Carnelian beads and shards of Ming Porcelain which still wash up on the sand and in the rocks. Legend has it the beach is haunted by the spirits of the stricken ship's passengers after an experienced hiker planned to overnight under the stars at the mouth of the estuary in 1987 spoke of an eeriness and a feeling of weird spirits surrounding him. He, needless to say, did not stay the night and moved further up toward East London to spend the night under some Milkwood Trees!

Long beach walks are a must and keep your eye on the skies above for Kingfishers, Fish Eagles and Crowned Eagles!

Activities & Facilities

  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Picnics
  • Bird Watching
  • Rock Climbing
  • Double Mouth Nature Reserve
  • Bead “Treasure” Beach
  • Santo Espirito Shipwreck
  • Ming Porcelain/Bead “Treasure” Hunting
  • Camp Site & Ablutions


There is no admission fee charged however, a small parking fee is charged.

Open daily during daylight hours

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