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A Voyage of Discovery

The Port Natal Maritime Museum overlooks Durban Harbour, Africa’s maritime trade centre and the Durban economical epicentre. The Museum deals exclusively with the history of the Port of Durban and serves as a reminder that Durban was, and still is, the busiest Port in Africa!

British Traders established and outpost here in 1824 and today ships can come to retire at this historical “dry-dock”. There are three large retired vessels for visitors to explore which include the Ulundi, a 1927 coal-fired Tug which retired in 1982, the JR Moore, a 1961 oil-fired engine built to handle rough seas and salvages and lastly the 1957 SAS Durban Naval Minesweeper.

The Museum is an inexpensive fun day out for the family. Wander through the engine rooms, galleys and living quarters of sailors. The kids will love climbing in and out of boats and learning about all the gadgets from navigation by stars to communication equipment. The exhibition hall holds artefacts dating back to 1838 and you can learn about the siege of 1842 and how the 1879 Anglo-Boer War affected shipping in Durban.

The exhibits offer families and tour groups hours of exploration, fun and education – well worth a visit!

Things to see and do

  • NC Challenger Yacht & other small crafts
  • Ulundi Steam Tug
  • JR Moor Tug
  • SAS Durban Minesweeper
  • The Britannia Exhibition Hall
  • Maritime Artefacts & Collectables
  • Educational Videos
  • Refreshments Kiosk.


Adults, R5 and Children, R3

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Museum directly to confirm

Closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day & News Year’s Day

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