Historic Motorcycle Museum

The first dedicated “living” Historic Motorcycle Museum in South Africa opened its doors on the 9th September 2009 at Lake Avenue Inn in the village of Deneysville and is a must-see for all motorcycle fanatics!

It was the brainchild of motorcycle enthusiast John Boswell (owner and ex TT Isle of Man sidecar racer) who has always had a passion for restoring classic British bikes. The museum has 400 sqm of storage space and houses a valuable collection of 100+ restored vintage and classic motorcycles dating back to 1909.

Motorcycle giants from SA and the former Rhodesia’s are immortalised here and memorabilia from Dave Peterson, Jimmy Whyte, Keith Zeeman, Les van Breda and Peter Labuschagne amongst others, can be admired.

Jim Redman, six times world champion’s Honda 250/4 motorcycle replica and a Jawa Z15, 1976 model, of which there are only three left in the world, are just two of the big drawcards and enough reason for all bikers and “petrol heads” to visit this nostalgic blast from the past. 

This popular museum is visited by guests from all over the world and not to be missed!

Bonus to the Museum

Come and see the latest acquisitions of beautiful old static engines.


There is an entrance fee, please consult their website. Please also note that we are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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