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A Journey into the Unknown

Caves are a mystery, a journey into the unknown and probably why they have always fascinated us. Boomslang Cave lies just above Kalk Bay and the hike from the fishing village to the cave has become a popular outing for all ages looking for a little adventure.

The Kalk Bay to Boomslang Cave hike is an easy-to-moderate 2-hour hike but allow for stops and cave exploration. It offers the chance to test yourself with some novice caving if you have not done any before.

As you approach the cave it is a steep rock climb, and here are two 'entrances' to the cave. The one that faces Fish Hoek is regarded as the entrance, and the southern entrance that faces Echo Valley as the exit. It doesn’t really matter which side you enter from however, it has been recommend entering at the ‘exit’ and exiting at the ‘entrance’, the one that goes through a big crack in a pile of rocks that you have to climb up and then down into.

Boomslang cave acts as an entrance to White Dome Grotto, another part of the same cave. A very narrow, crawl through loop, not easily navigated and a bit scary if you are claustrophobic - you don't have to enter the cave if you are claustrophobic or don't like small enclosures. The cave is also home to a colony of bats – help protect these little guys by keeping the sound and the disturbance level to a minimum.

If you are afraid of the bats or are claustrophobic, you don't have to enter the cave as many come just to enjoy the hike for the amazing views – including of the colourful Kalk Bay harbour below – and the wonderful scenery and vegetation, such as the beautiful Echo Valley.

Things to see and do

  • Scenic Views
  • Boomslang Caves
  • “The Pulpit” - Rock Formation
  • White Dome Grotto
  • Bats
  • Echo Valley


Free to Hike, daylight hours only

Remember to pack water, a flashlight/headlamp and longs pants would be preferable as there is a fair amount of crawling

Do not hike alone, but rather in a group of 2 to 4 minimum

Find Us

From Kalk Bay Station climb up to Boyes Drive to the sign indicating Echo Valley. This is the start of the trail to follow all the way to Boomslang Cave.

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