Reptile Garden

Reptiles R Awesome!

The Reptile Garden can be found at Monkey Town in Somerset West . It is the one of two Reptile Gardens owned by Reptilia Traders cc, the other Park is located in Bellville , Cape Town .

The park showcases about 35 separate species of reptiles with the intention of educating the public about the wonderful world of these cold blooded creatures. The park specifically highlights how best to live with reptiles in nature and in our gardens. The displays are educational, fun for kids and a fantastic way for adults and children to spend a day enjoying and learning about these intriguing reptiles.

Most of the popular reptiles are on display such as the Puff Adder, Black & Green Mamba and the Cape Cobra. There are also some exotic snakes such as the Rattle Snake, exotic Pythons and Tree Vipers. All creatures are extremely well looked after with special attention to hygiene and comfort.

The Park is the perfect place to spend the day. The Reptile Garden offers other activities as well as a wonderful play area to keep the family entertained after their tour.

Things to do and see

  • Snake displays including Boomslang, Pythons, Adders, Vipers and many more
  • Chameleons, Lizards and Geckos
  • Snake Shows, 2 week advance booking is required
  • Reptile Interactions
  • Play Area
  • Coffee Shop & Restaurant
  • Monkey Town


Admission fee to visit the Reptile Garden is R30 per person. Snake shows are charged at R800 per person. Two week prior booking is required for the snake show.

Combo entrance tickets to Monkey Town and the Reptile Garden are available from R110 per person, which includes monkey viewing, braai area and swimming facilities.

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Park offices directly to confirm all prices.

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