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The Carnarvon Museum originally served as a community hall for the Dutch Reformed Church when it was first built in 1907. In 1973 the new community centre was inaugurated and the hall was donated to the Municipality to be used as a Museum.

The Museum is home to a large number of antiques which were either donated or are on loan to the Museum. It is a Cultural Museum, exhibiting the history of Carnarvon the town as well as its early inhabitants. The Museum boasts a rich array of exhibits ranging from a collection of old typewriters and porcelain utensils to very well preserved Victorian dresses and portraits of locals who achieved high rank in the South African Defence Force as well as former Mayors of the town.

One of the most valued items on display is an old Chevrolet motor vehicle that was converted into the old hearse for the Dutch Reformed Church. It was last licensed to drive in 1971/72. The wooden canopy was built by the local Carnarvon carpenter, Mr. Mocke and the hearse was in the care of Frans Mans who was also the driver. The hearse was donated to the Museum when it was no longer in use

Also forming part of the Museum is the excellent example of a local corbelled house that is situated just outside the main Carnarvon museum building. Roy Riley, a local tradesman oversaw the relocation of the corbelled house from the farm, Biesiesput, on the road to Loxton. The flat stone house was dismantled in sections and rebuilt piece by piece in its current location. Inside the house visitors can find a number of artifacts which would have been used by the Trekboers (Nomadic Farmers). One of the artifacts is a yellowwood trunk which the Trekboers used to keep their most precious family possessions in when they moved from place to place.

Things to do and see

  • Old Chevrolet Hearse
  • Corbelled House
  • Victorian Dress Exhibit
  • Trekboer Domestic Utensils
  • Art Works & Portraits
  • Antiques e.g. typewriters, furniture, household items
  • Ox-wagons
  • Old Church’s
  • Wooden Ceiling


Please contact the tourism office to confirm any Admission Fees.

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