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A World Class Spa

Caledon is home to the Western Cape’s famous Natural Warm Mineral Baths found at the Caledon Hotel & Casino. The Caledon Natural Warm Mineral Baths, or commonly known as the Caledon Hot Baths, form part of the Caledon Spa and possibly the very reason the Hotel was built in this very spot.

The hot springs originate by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth's crust and produce over a million litres of water daily and have an average temperature at source of 65 degrees Celsius. The distinctive brown colour of the water is due to the rich iron content, known as chalybeate. The iron particles are a natural body exfoliation and the oily layers found on the surface of the pools, depending on weather conditions, a natural moisturiser to the skin.

Hot Springs are also well known for relieving stress, assisting with blood circulation, promoting sleep and can be known to be a natural pain reliever. Caledon Warm Moneral Baths are one of the few places in South Africa that incorporates all aspects of a traditional Roman-style hydrotherapy and incorporates a floatation pool, steam room, sauna and fridgedarium (cold plunge pool). After a sauna or steam room session, Europeans are encouraged to run outside and roll around in the snow.  A frigedarium pool is designed to work on the same principle of boosting your circulation by going from a heat treatment to a quick cold splash.

The main attractions would be the Victorian Bath House, erected I 1897, and the cascading outdoor mineral ponds where, as the water falls down to each Pond, the temperature drops starting at 44-42, 42-40 and 40-38. The lush gardens are watered from the springs and there are loungers where guests can relax and enjoy the serenity of nature. The Zen Garden is situated next to the spa and guests are encouraged to sit in silence whilst enjoying the tranquillity of the space.

Things to see and do

  • Victorian Bath House
  • Floatation Pond
  • Jacuzzi
  • Three Outdoor Mineral Ponds
  • View Point
  • Fridgedarium Pool
  • Zen Garden
  • Caledon Spa
  • Lap Pool & Gymnasium (Hotel Guests Only)


Spa Entrance Fee, R165 per person (only 80 tickets available per day)

Space at the natural warm mineral pools is limited therefore we advise that you book your access in advance particularly over weekends, all public and school holidays, to avoid disappointment.

Prices are subject to change, please confirm prices directly with The Caledon.

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