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The Bellville Park Campus of Stellenbosch University (USB) can be found on a hill, equidistant from Stellenbosch and the centre of Cape Town, close to all the attractive and interesting destinations for sightseeing and entertainment.

Small Business Academy

It was launched in 2012 to cater for business education and has implemented the Small Business Academy to uplift the small businesses flourishing in the township.

Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain will benefit from this Academy with the intake in March for a 9 month certificate course in business management skills.


To be the preferred knowledge partner of the world in Africa and of Africa in the world


The USB’s mission is to create, disseminate and apply business knowledge through the provision of relevant, emancipatory, well-founded and responsibly delivered business education and research of international standard to current and future leaders worldwide, with particular emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa.

USB does this by:

  • Delivering top-quality business education to individuals and organisations
  • Producing research which is worthy of international respect
  • Pauthentic, critical academic discourse
  • Engaging positively and imaginatively with societal issues
  • Embracing diversity and transformation
  • Fostering the interests of our stakeholders, specifically organisations, students, alumni, international partners and society

 The USB Standard

 A test to guide our thoughts and actions:

  • Is it open, honest and ethical?
  • Is it impartial, non-discriminatory and fair to all?
  • Will it enhance true scholarship and collegiality?
  • Will it foster criticality, insight and intellectual advancement?
  • Is it inclusive, generous, affirming and transformative?
  • Does it offer equal access, participation and opportunity?
  • Will it impact constructively and responsibly on industry, society and the environment?


  • MBA (full-time, modular and part-time options)
  • MPhil in Development Finance
  • MPhil in Management Coaching
  • MPhil in Futures Studies
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • PhD in Development Finance
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance

Notable mention

International cooperation

Due to the numerous accreditations USB has made a name for itself overseas and is involved on a regular basis with student exchanges and international tours. The countries involved are Asia, Latin America Africa, North America, Europe, Australia and the UK.


  • Academic support is provided via the WebStudies e-learning platform 
  • Accommodation and cafeterias( Bellvista Lodge) and 2 other cafeterias 
  • Career guidance and web-based recruitment and placement services
  • Conference rooms 
  • Cyber Café with 24/7 online facilities 
  • Information centre 
  • Large computer laboratory
  • Purpose-built classroom equipped with PCs and audio-visual equipment
  • Software packages such as McGregors BFA Net, I-Net Bridge, Reuters and ISM are available for educational and research purposes
  • Various workstations
  • Wireless broadband internet access and a campus-wide hotspot


  • 1964: The humble beginnings with only 14 students.
  • 1976: Founding of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 
  • 1981: The current premises in Bellville are acquired.
  • 1995: Arrival from Rotterdam of the first exchange students.
  • 2002: USB receives international accreditation
  • 2012: Professional Management Review (PMR.africa) named USB No 1 business school in South Africa
  • 2013: Addition of a Postgraduate Diploma and several others to its programme portfolio

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