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Burkes Pass is a tarred section of road along the N7 highway approximately 24 km’s South West of the Northern Cape town of Springbok. The current pass is a far cry from the original Pass which took a completely different route through the mountains in 1850.

Distance 4.9 km
Gradient average 1:26
Gradient maximum 1:11
Summit 701m
Surface Tar

100 Years after the original Pass was built, a second gravel road much closer to the N7, actually running almost parallel with the N7, became the 1950's version of the Pass. Today, both of the old roads can still be driven.

Burkes Pass connects the tiny hamlet of Kamieskroon with its distinctive and rather large NG Church with the capital of the province Springbok. It is a good quality tarred road which is a very popular Pass come Spring time with the areas incredible displays of wild flowers stretching as far as the eye can see. The Pass also serves as a passage to the Namaqua National Park just west of the N7 - to reach the park one must divert off the N7 not far from Burke's Pass.

The southern start of the pass is located 37 km north of Kamieskroon and if starting from the northern end, the Pass begins 27 km’s south of Springbok. From this end the start and the summit are one and the road heads straight for 1 km displaying a very gentle gradient. After the 1 km mark, if you look to your left you will be able to view the original Burke's Pass road leading off to the left between two granite koppies.

At this point the descent begins with a wide right-hand bend, before straightening out into the steepest section, a 1.7 km stretch, of the Pass. The 3.3 km point marks the second of the Passes two bends, a gentle left-hand curve, where the gradient eases off and the end of the Pass comes into view.

Thing to do and see

  • Namaqualand Spring Flowers
  • Old Pass Roads
  • Namaqualand Nature Park
  • Kamieskroon NG Church


Free to Drive

Best during daylight hours

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