Renosterkoppies Road

1. Kruger National Park


The Kruger National Park is the second-largest game reserve in Africa and the largest in South Africa. Internationally it is recognised as a world-class destination that is at the top of any wildlife enthusiast’s list of dream destinations. Surrounded by a wealth of indigenous vegetation, you’ll also find excellent bird watching opportunities. Spanning 360km, North to South, and 65km from East to West, and covering two million hectares, the scenic beauty of Limpopo is situated to the west, the lush Mpumalanga to the south and Zimbabwe to the North. It has nine entrance gates and is home to the famous Big Five, the Little Five and the birding Big Six, in addition to a range of fauna…

2. Malalane (Malelane)

Malelane, or "Malalane" as it became known in July 2007 after the Department of Art and Culture published a correction in the spelling, is a small farming town nestled in the Crocodile River valley just outside the Kruger National Park. The area is surrounded by lush bush and farms producing sugarcane, subtropical fruit and winter vegetable. The town has a slow pace and is the perfect getaway where you can exchange the city life for privacy and seclusion. The locals are laid back and friendly, in fact it is known that one of the original roots of Malalane came from the Swazi term “lala” which means “to sleep”. The Malalane Gate is one of the main entrances to the southern part of the Kruger Park so the little town caters mostly for visitors to the Park, providing excellent…